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Get in touch if you want to be part of a larger team. The Property Source aim to bring every type of property deal, from across the UK to one easily accessible place for investors to pick up deals. If you want to be able to find and sell your well researched, profitable investment opportunities, quickly, for a large percentage of the profit get in touch!

Get 80% of the Sourcing fee

After joining our team you will go out finding property deals in your patch. After you find a good investment opportunity, you go through the deal with the team to assure quality. It then get sold to our investors and you get 80% of the profit.

Get an extra 10% from deals

Another aspect of working with The Property Source is bring investors onto the mailing list. For any investor you bring onto the mailing list, that buys a investment opportunity, you will get 10% of the sourcing fee for that deal.

Place to be for your deal sourcing questions!

Benefits of Joining the Team

Joining our network

You will get to join our sourcing team, being a part of a larger network of experienced sourcers to help find solutions to your problems.

The Brand

When you come on board you will be associated with our brand, so investors can be assured of trust and quality for any deal put through the company.


When coming on board you will not need to worry about getting compliant as you will be working with us so you can focus on finding deals.


When working with us, you will have more access to investors as you are part of a larger team working to locate them to bring them the best deals.

How to work with us?

Email us and arrange a call with our team and we will assess if you would be a good fit for our company and we can see if we fit your needs. 

Join our vision of bringing investors together and bringing them the best deals from sourcers around the country.


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