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Types of UK Property Deals

Our expert team of deal sourcing agents use their experience and network to find the best investment opportunities across the whole of the UK. Below are a list of the different types of opportunities that we find, negotiate and package to send straight to you.

Below Market Value (BMV) Properties

These properties may be available due to the owners of such property’s need to sell their property very quickly. We will offer a large choice of BMV Property’s with discounts between 15% to 35% off the estimated value of the property.

Buy to Let (BTL) Properties

Buy to Let is a more simple, reliable way of investing in property and good for inexperienced property investors. This consists of buying a house and renting out all of the property for a monthly fee. We will bring you a range of BTL property’s showing an ROI of 10% to 25%.

House's of Multiple Occupancy (HMO)

HMO stands for House in Multiple Occupation and generally refers to one of the following: Students living in shared accommodation or a house split into bedsits for professionals. HMO’s make ideal property investment as they usually generate very high rental Yield. We regularly source HMO’s for our clients with high rental yield between 15% and 30%.

Rent to Rent (R2R)

Rent to Rent is a great way to invest in property with without needing to buy a house. This consists of renting out a property and then managing it as a HMO or serviced accommodation that guests can rent out per night. The profit from fees per night can overtake the monthly rent and be a good investment.

Refurbishment Opportunities

Investment Properties in need of work can be purchased at a substantial discount. Our deals will include properties needing complete refurbishment and some just needing a cosmetic update. Investment properties needing substantial amounts of work offer the largest saving and rewards but are more suited to experienced landlords.

Lease Option Agreement's (LOA)

Lease option agreements can be hugely beneficial for both seller and buyer is certain situations. The buyer offers a price which is accepted, except the buyer now takes over control of the property as well as the monthly mortgage payments. The buyer then pays for the property for the agreed price years later. This can be a great investment as the investor can benefit from renting the property and has the choice to buy on the later agreed date.

Land Developments

Land Developments can be great investments for experienced developers. This can consist of a large scale building project of many houses or just enough land for one house. These can be challenging but can come with good rewards.

The Investor Process

Once you have subscribed and joined The Property Source Network you will receive emails regularly with great investment deal's. If you like the look of a particular deal follow the instructions on the email for reserving the deal:

  • You receive the email, If you like the look of an investment opportunity, you get in touch by texting “reserve” to  number attached to the property.

  • The Sourcer will call the first person to text. They will talk to you and assess if the property is a good fit for you and answer questions you have. They ask if you are in the financial position to proceed.

  • If you are ready to proceed we will require from you, ID, utility bill under 3 months, proof of funds ready for purchase and to fill in and return our source of wealth form.

    will send over Terms of sale and an invoice for the finder’s fee.

  • Once we received the signed terms of sale and payment we then arrange a skype call to disclose full property details.

  • We then instruct the selling agents who the buyer is via email.

  • Property is marked SSTC

  • The purchase process goes through as a normal sale

  • We then take a step backwards and let you deal directly with the agent


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